Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is a very serious issue in present days, for your identity full name is necessary. Last month a very nice movie “My Name is Khan” released. It was having a beautiful message-“is duniyaa men sirph do tarah ke insaan hote hain,achchhe aur bure, isake alaavaa koee antar nahiin hai insaanon ke biich”. This was a great message. In the whole movie SRK keeps saying,”My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”
This makes me to think why to use word ‘Khan”. It itself create distinction between human. Can’t we use only Rizwan and not Khan?
Take a person named Sudhir.
Someone asks him,”What is your name?”
“Sudhir? Full name?”
“Sudhir Kumar Yadav”
“अच्छा यादव हो, कितने गायें और भैंसे हैं?”
“एक भी नहीं”
See belongs to yadav and not milked a cow even once. How amazing! Isn’t it?
Why can’t we put sticker on his shirt, “My name is Yadav but I don’t have cows and I never milked them.” So please don’t come to me for milk.
Similar is the case with Mishra/Dubey/Tiwari, Gupta, Agarwal, Singh etc.
It is a common question to all,”Are we fool or our ancestors who created such kind of system?”
When we look into past we see any system has been created for convenience of people. But now a days these names are still creating distinction between people.
The British has divided India based on religion to rule but after independence we are being divided based on religion, cast and regions.
Next Serious issue is the cast based reservation in our country. Looking at the reservation policy also it is very sad that benefit does not go to the people who really need them. Also it’s creating difference in society. We need a change in the system. Now one may support this saying, “They were the people who have not been given equal opportunity to walk parallel. They were thrashed. So they need reservation to come equal to others.”
My question is, “How many generations need this benefit to come equal?” I think there should be criteria that if in a family one person has got a job of more than say Rs. X then after that next generations of that family will be treated like all others general people because they have come out of that damp and now they have to prove themselves.” This will also ensure that benefits will go to right persons who really need them.
When a Brahmin is not teaching and asking ‘Bhiksha” for his leaving he can’t be a Brahmin। Similarly others also. So what is need of using surnames?. One day one of my teachers asked," Why do we have dress code for students?". He himself answered," The mind of a child is not mature and whatever he sees has psychological impact on his thinking. In school students come from different backgrounds and standards. Dress code gives a common look to all of them. There will not be any feeling of inferiority." This is what we all need in our society. Can’t we make a system which bans the use of surname in degree, certificates or any other documents?
Can’t we have system to know a person only by his Karma as in our olden days?
Are we not intelligent enough to at least analyze the basic reasons for our olden culture and systems.
This will somehow I think remove at least some differences between people and we will able to proud on our saying-‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY'

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