Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women and India

8th March, Women’s day was being celebrated. Situation of women in India is a question. Often we read in newspapers, women committing suicide, being killed because of dowry. They are not treated equally in Indian society.
This is the land of Bharat where we worship women as there is a famous saying in our Vedas, “Yatra naryati poojyte, ramnte tatra devta.”
The conditions and situations of women are improving drastically. We are talking about equality. We all know that a girl with same qualification has far better opportunities than a boy. We have reservation for women in institute. We always have courtesy to say ladies first. If even a single girl complains about you then you are going to be beaten mercilessly after that you will be allowed to put your point.
We are talking about equality, how ridiculous it is!!!
Women are being treated and respected far better than men at least in India.
I have had talk with many girls. They used to say, “Have you heard about that girl who has been murdered. Men are so cruel. They are treating us like goat.”
Don’t we hear that a boy has been killed? Don’t we hear that a whole family has been killed mercilessly? We read these also. Then why we always shout only for women and make it an issue against men. Those who do such things are enemy of whole humanity not only of women. We have to fight against those not against men.
Don’t we hear that because of a woman, a family has been separated. Daughter in law is treating her mother/father in law like nothing. We also read and watch such type of activities. Why can’t we shout at that time? We must always remember that we are fighting against anti social elements of the society whether they are men or women.
We accept that situation of women is not good in some of very backward places and villages. I also belong from a small village. There are many villages nearby a village and beauty is that every person knows people of other villages. They are so much socialised. If you need any kind of help they will always be there for you. I never watched or heard that a woman has been burnt/killed in my village or any other surrounding villages. Though I have seen men/women starving for food as they have been separated because of a woman.
We all know that such kind of activities are there but are in very few numbers. If we are talking about equality we must keep in mind that it should be in all areas. It should be there also where we are treating women with so much respect. We can not replace women with men and vice versa. We must respect strength and weakness of each other.

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