Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Construction leading to Destruction?

What are the basic needs of a human being? Immediately a reply will come if anyone is asked this question-Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.

Now a day it is changing. If someone asks me then I will tell-Food, Air and Water. Actually we feel the need of something when we struggle for it. We struggled for food, clothes and houses so we kept it as basic needs. Initially we never thought that one day we will be having problem for air and water also.

Water is so polluted at some places of our country that we are not able to drink it without using water purifier. Also we can get mineral water paying Rs.12 for a litre. Water table is going down. I have been at the places which are having great importance in Indian history. One thing is noticeable wherever I found an old temple there was a pond nearby. This is for taking bath before you enter in the temple. In olden days people used to dig ponds and wells for collecting waters. This also raises the water table.

The day is not far away that we will have bottle for fresh air also labelling ‘OXY FRESH AIR’ on it. At that time people will remind us saying,” have you taken oxygen cylinder because there is no fresh air where you are going to”.

In olden days those who were not having fields to grow foods used to do service for earning there livings. Service was a medium for fulfilling our basic needs. As time passes we started shifting towards our physical comforts and forgot about our basics.

No one wants to work in fields for growing foods. I will take example of my own family there used to be 15 members in my home at native place. Now most of them have shifted to city and in village only 5 members have left. People are focusing more towards money and comforts. We are forgetting that we can buy AC, Fridge, House, Car and other physical comforts but not food, one of the basic needs. We can buy something if someone sells it. Also we know that one will sell only after preserving his requirement. Population is increasing rapidly; we are misusing agricultural land by opening petrol pumps building industries etc.

When GOD created Adam and Eve, they were given only food neither clothes nor houses. Still they were living happily.

We think we are progressing, we are living luxurious life but we forget that we are getting more tensed day by day. We are getting less time to spend with our family.

It is very common in villages that small child used to eat bit of soil and nothing happens to him/her but in towns and most of the places in our country if someone eats even a small portion of soil it is needless to tell what will happen to them.

We are polluting earth, water and air. We call Earth as mother because it can fulfil all our requirements. We can grow foods, fruits to eat. We can get water from earth. We can sleep in the lap of mother earth. Have you ever felt how peaceful it is sleeping on the ground? It is crying and watching silently with tears in her eyes the declination of her children.

Our national animal is going to extinct if we do not stop killing them. How many of us have seen our national flower? We know it grows in ponds. We are also filling ponds, rarely do we see it. We must think from beginning of human lives on this earth whatever progress we have made, how much have really strengthen the natural beauty. How many are the developments, if not there we could not have been survived. We have made ourselves tired physically and mentally.

Every development we are making has direct or indirect impact on the environment. We know that we can not leave the things we have achieved till now after our continuous efforts. We can not stop industries, we can not destroy buildings, we can stop driving cars but we can reduce the speed of this process; we can do something for slow recovery of environment. We say that we can not do these things then at a certain stage we will have to choose between life and these temporary comforts. We will not be left with any choices. I am always using word ‘comfort’ as without these things also there were lives and people were living happily.Our progress should reduce hunger. There should not be people sleeping without taking food. Then only we can say we are developing. Let us protect our environment, plant trees, start harvesting waters, reduce uses of papers and whatever possible we can do to get fresh water to live in fresh air and to protect our lives. Destruction is the way for constructing anything. Even the GOD chooses destruction for constructing a new universe. Let Him be the cause not us for extinction of lives from this planet.


  1. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

    The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

    - Carl Sagan

  2. Every development we are making has direct or indirect impact on the environment.
    well written...