Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Construction leading to Destruction?

What are the basic needs of a human being? Immediately a reply will come if anyone is asked this question-Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.

Now a day it is changing. If someone asks me then I will tell-Food, Air and Water. Actually we feel the need of something when we struggle for it. We struggled for food, clothes and houses so we kept it as basic needs. Initially we never thought that one day we will be having problem for air and water also.

Water is so polluted at some places of our country that we are not able to drink it without using water purifier. Also we can get mineral water paying Rs.12 for a litre. Water table is going down. I have been at the places which are having great importance in Indian history. One thing is noticeable wherever I found an old temple there was a pond nearby. This is for taking bath before you enter in the temple. In olden days people used to dig ponds and wells for collecting waters. This also raises the water table.

The day is not far away that we will have bottle for fresh air also labelling ‘OXY FRESH AIR’ on it. At that time people will remind us saying,” have you taken oxygen cylinder because there is no fresh air where you are going to”.

In olden days those who were not having fields to grow foods used to do service for earning there livings. Service was a medium for fulfilling our basic needs. As time passes we started shifting towards our physical comforts and forgot about our basics.

No one wants to work in fields for growing foods. I will take example of my own family there used to be 15 members in my home at native place. Now most of them have shifted to city and in village only 5 members have left. People are focusing more towards money and comforts. We are forgetting that we can buy AC, Fridge, House, Car and other physical comforts but not food, one of the basic needs. We can buy something if someone sells it. Also we know that one will sell only after preserving his requirement. Population is increasing rapidly; we are misusing agricultural land by opening petrol pumps building industries etc.

When GOD created Adam and Eve, they were given only food neither clothes nor houses. Still they were living happily.

We think we are progressing, we are living luxurious life but we forget that we are getting more tensed day by day. We are getting less time to spend with our family.

It is very common in villages that small child used to eat bit of soil and nothing happens to him/her but in towns and most of the places in our country if someone eats even a small portion of soil it is needless to tell what will happen to them.

We are polluting earth, water and air. We call Earth as mother because it can fulfil all our requirements. We can grow foods, fruits to eat. We can get water from earth. We can sleep in the lap of mother earth. Have you ever felt how peaceful it is sleeping on the ground? It is crying and watching silently with tears in her eyes the declination of her children.

Our national animal is going to extinct if we do not stop killing them. How many of us have seen our national flower? We know it grows in ponds. We are also filling ponds, rarely do we see it. We must think from beginning of human lives on this earth whatever progress we have made, how much have really strengthen the natural beauty. How many are the developments, if not there we could not have been survived. We have made ourselves tired physically and mentally.

Every development we are making has direct or indirect impact on the environment. We know that we can not leave the things we have achieved till now after our continuous efforts. We can not stop industries, we can not destroy buildings, we can stop driving cars but we can reduce the speed of this process; we can do something for slow recovery of environment. We say that we can not do these things then at a certain stage we will have to choose between life and these temporary comforts. We will not be left with any choices. I am always using word ‘comfort’ as without these things also there were lives and people were living happily.Our progress should reduce hunger. There should not be people sleeping without taking food. Then only we can say we are developing. Let us protect our environment, plant trees, start harvesting waters, reduce uses of papers and whatever possible we can do to get fresh water to live in fresh air and to protect our lives. Destruction is the way for constructing anything. Even the GOD chooses destruction for constructing a new universe. Let Him be the cause not us for extinction of lives from this planet.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is a very serious issue in present days, for your identity full name is necessary. Last month a very nice movie “My Name is Khan” released. It was having a beautiful message-“is duniyaa men sirph do tarah ke insaan hote hain,achchhe aur bure, isake alaavaa koee antar nahiin hai insaanon ke biich”. This was a great message. In the whole movie SRK keeps saying,”My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”
This makes me to think why to use word ‘Khan”. It itself create distinction between human. Can’t we use only Rizwan and not Khan?
Take a person named Sudhir.
Someone asks him,”What is your name?”
“Sudhir? Full name?”
“Sudhir Kumar Yadav”
“अच्छा यादव हो, कितने गायें और भैंसे हैं?”
“एक भी नहीं”
See belongs to yadav and not milked a cow even once. How amazing! Isn’t it?
Why can’t we put sticker on his shirt, “My name is Yadav but I don’t have cows and I never milked them.” So please don’t come to me for milk.
Similar is the case with Mishra/Dubey/Tiwari, Gupta, Agarwal, Singh etc.
It is a common question to all,”Are we fool or our ancestors who created such kind of system?”
When we look into past we see any system has been created for convenience of people. But now a days these names are still creating distinction between people.
The British has divided India based on religion to rule but after independence we are being divided based on religion, cast and regions.
Next Serious issue is the cast based reservation in our country. Looking at the reservation policy also it is very sad that benefit does not go to the people who really need them. Also it’s creating difference in society. We need a change in the system. Now one may support this saying, “They were the people who have not been given equal opportunity to walk parallel. They were thrashed. So they need reservation to come equal to others.”
My question is, “How many generations need this benefit to come equal?” I think there should be criteria that if in a family one person has got a job of more than say Rs. X then after that next generations of that family will be treated like all others general people because they have come out of that damp and now they have to prove themselves.” This will also ensure that benefits will go to right persons who really need them.
When a Brahmin is not teaching and asking ‘Bhiksha” for his leaving he can’t be a Brahmin। Similarly others also. So what is need of using surnames?. One day one of my teachers asked," Why do we have dress code for students?". He himself answered," The mind of a child is not mature and whatever he sees has psychological impact on his thinking. In school students come from different backgrounds and standards. Dress code gives a common look to all of them. There will not be any feeling of inferiority." This is what we all need in our society. Can’t we make a system which bans the use of surname in degree, certificates or any other documents?
Can’t we have system to know a person only by his Karma as in our olden days?
Are we not intelligent enough to at least analyze the basic reasons for our olden culture and systems.
This will somehow I think remove at least some differences between people and we will able to proud on our saying-‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY'

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The costlier Bihar

It was month of august 2007. I got down from train at Barauni station and made a call to my BOSS to inform him that I have reached the Barauni station. He suggested me to hire a car for hotel Blue Diamond-a room was already booked. As I entered the hotel room there was no power no water in bathroom, in my whole life that was the first time I saw a hotel without such basic facilities. Unfortunately that hotel belongs to one of our dealers. When I was checking out he was not accepting the money. After sometimes I just kept the money on the reception and left. It gave me one lesson-never stay in a hotel of the persons who need your service.
Similar is the case with most of the hotels in Bihar. You can find some hotels in Patna having good facilities but charges are very high than expected. There is a city called Birganj in Nepal just at boarder of Bihar 2-3KM from Raxaul- a place in bihar. We have a retail outlet in Raxaul. We took a room in Nepal when we were on inspection of petrol pumps. We were surprised to see the difference in service and cost of room.

Whenever I received a call from my friends, they used to say, “It is Bihar very cheap you must be saving lots of money.” I could just laugh at my situation at these moments. Here also I realised if you want to live a middle standard life you must have your own conveyance. The ways of conveyance are trekkers, trains, taxies and buses. In Barauni there is no auto so we have to travel by trekkers or taxies. Trekkers charges 5-10 Rs for 10-20KM and taxi charges 220Rs for same distance.
If you sit in a trekker you are gonna pissed so either you should live like a king or live like a poor beggar choice is yours but remember for living like a king you will have to pay.
After two months of job I got my daily allowances of training period. Money was enough to buy a good mobile phone. I went to a shop nearby Begusarai (a district of Bihar) market. Sales man showed me moto ming of Motorola when I demanded Moto Rocker. He convinced me to buy Moto ming also the look of moto ming was far better than moto rocker. I took it for an amount of Rs.14000/-
After two three days in great pleasure for possessing such a beautiful phone with touch screen when I told about this to one of my friends who was in Bangalore. He informed me that same model mobile phone was being sold for 12000/- in Bangalore.
This is not case with mobile phones but for all the electronics gadgets i.e. laptop, digital camera, I-Pod etc. all you will find costlier in Bihar than most of the places.

Some Crazy Philosophical Thoughts

Being a dreamer and imaginative sometimes I get thoughts which may seem crazy to you. These may differ from your views or thinking your comments is appreciable.

1) There is no need to say that how many times we have heard someone saying that,

a) “Sins is increasing in this world” and also we say,

b) “Those who do good Karma get life of a human.”

But we all know that population of humans are increasing rapidly day by day. It means good Karma is increasing but it is contradiction to statement ‘a’. In my point of view this earth is a place for suffering as Lord Buddha said.

Those who do bad Karma are sent here to suffer as punishment. More you live more you have to suffer. Humans are having good average age. It means overall suffering period is increasing. So statement ‘b’ is incorrect. Hence we conclude that humans’ life is for more suffering and those who are having much punishment period get human life.

2) Imagine a gardener who is having a good garden to look after. One day he sees that his beautiful garden is being destroyed by DEEMAK. All the trees and flowers are going to be destroyed due to this. He gets an idea and makes a spray to destroy these creatures who are taking away the beauty of his garden.

Similarly GOD is a gardener and we humans are like DEEMAK. We are destroying the beautiful garden of the nature by doing various pollutions. We are destroying green forests. We are establishing factories which are creating water and air pollution. Now GOD has to remove these creatures to stop destruction of His garden. So He is spraying His spray in the form of Earthquakes, Tsunami and various incurable diseases.

3) The importance and significance of 7 is still to be discovered. We must wonder how 7 relates to our lives and environment. Not only humans but also nature has selected 7 for creation of many things. We have got 7 days in a week. We have tradition of 7 rounds in a marriage according to Hindu religion. There are 7 stars in the “Saptrishi Mandal”. There are 7 colors in a rainbow. We have 7 colours in Rangoli also. We have 7 continents. Seven horses to pull Chariot of the Lord Surya. We have 7 lives according to Hindu religion. Story doesn’t end here. We have 7 wonders in the world. 7/10 part of the whole earth is water. We have 7 maulik adhikar. I always amaze why 7 !!!Mystery is unfolded at least for me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relations-Long term emotional attachment

This is very strange yet debatable question our mind should ask, “Do we really love the person we marry? Or it’s a compromise with life”.
I have asked a question to many persons, “As a father what will you look into a person for marrying your daughter?”
I got the same reply from all of them-expected also. These things are given below priority wise-
1) Job profile of the person-Stability of job, income etc.
2) Family Background of the person
3) The person-Behaviour and look of the person
Now real point comes. We must ask a question, “when we marry whom do we marry. Do we marry with job profile of person? Do we marry family background of the person?”
It is very ridiculous that whom we marry we have given last priority-person, his behaviour, his character.
Lets suppose we are in school or college. Assume an imaginary situation that we start liking a person or fell in love. What do we see at that time in a person? I think at that time there is no job so option no.1 is ruled out from the priority. Also at that period we don’t care about the family of the person so the 2nd priority is also ruled out. We only see the person and we attract towards him/her. That’s pure love devoid of any selfishness. At that time bonding made is real bonding. Living with a person money doesn't matter more than person. What matters is the tuning, frequency between the persons. It should match for a long lasting relation. Some days ago I watching a telugu movie “Nuvvu Naaku Nachav” there was a message, “Right from beginning we send our girls with known persons at every step of life- first time school, first time college, first time market etc. but when it comes to marriage we move her with a stranger with whom she has to live life time. How strange it is! We accept it because we have a well preset and programmed mind. What if she doesn't like him after marriage?”
This is the reason we match Kundali of the persons before marriage. Kundali is for matching the compatibility between two persons and not of their families. Now a day’s Kundali system is also vanishing. Our olden culture and traditions have some meanings and values which we are forgetting in modern days. If we count the divorce ratio (India 1.1%, US 50%), India would be one of the lowest countries. Reason is none other than Indian culture, tradition and values. I am not saying that we can not love after marriage. We get very less time to know each other before marriage. We don’t have option but to love.
We should be happy that we have so many festivals in India for building relations. One day someone asked me,” Is it not foolish that women keep fast of karvachauth and others for long age of their better half. Gimme a break, how can someone get more age.” The real thing is what a person feels and what he/she makes others to feel.
Everyone loves her/his husband/wife. How many of us do express that? These are the festivals one can express how much one cares for you. These are the ways to show love and affection. It gives you feeling that there is someone who prays for you. It has a long term indirect effects on your relations.

Festivals and religion of a person play major role in constructing the nature, behavior and character of the person. When the child is born all are same. The environment, surrounding and kind people one comes into contact mold the character. I don't have right to comment on any other religion because I don't know much about them. So I take the Hindu religion as example, we can ask a simple question to all, “How many festivals are there which are for sorrows and not for enjoying?" We would rarely find any such festivals. Take any festival whether it is Holi, Deepawali, and Desehara, Rakshabandhan etc. we only celebrate and enjoy. Those who are not in contact for several months also come close during these days. We all love our relations but due to our busy schedule and hectic work life we may not be able to get into touch with our loved ones. We get excuse to get together in these days. Also these moments of happiness have psychological impact on a child. I think our ancestors were intelligent enough to make such a strong trap of emotions that rarely any one can get out of this. Now those who know about other religions can explore about them also. I am sure that you will definitely find at least some reasons for burning issues of present days.
Relation is made of two parts- Adhikar and Kartavya. Balancing between two is very important, we can not ask for our Adhikar until we perform our Kartavya.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

एक मुस्की मारने में तेरा क्या जाता है

ये मैंने अपने कॉलेज में लिखी थी। ये कविता नहीं ये बहुत लोगों की फीलिंग्स हैं।
ये कविता लिखी है मैंने बदलते हालात को देखकर
कभी मिला करते थे जो मुस्कुराकर
Hi बोलना तो दूर
आज चले जाते हैं नजरें फेरकर

ये करिश्मा है गर्लफ्रेंड पाने का
library में हो तो बुक्स बुक्स नहीं दिखती
कैंटीन में साथ हो तो
कोई दोस्त दोस्त नहीं दिखता

शैलेश इस जालिम दुनिया की यही रीत है
जिंदगी में कोई अपना नहीं होता
जब भी जोड़ना चाहा रिश्ता तुमने
तोहफे ही पाए है धोखे के तुमने

एक मुस्की मारने में तेरा क्या जाता है
लोग ये तो समझेंगे की भुला नहीं
यु ही मुस्कुराता रह कि भूलनेवाला भी सोचे
कि क्यूँ वो तुझे भुला नहीं