Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Crazy Philosophical Thoughts

Being a dreamer and imaginative sometimes I get thoughts which may seem crazy to you. These may differ from your views or thinking your comments is appreciable.

1) There is no need to say that how many times we have heard someone saying that,

a) “Sins is increasing in this world” and also we say,

b) “Those who do good Karma get life of a human.”

But we all know that population of humans are increasing rapidly day by day. It means good Karma is increasing but it is contradiction to statement ‘a’. In my point of view this earth is a place for suffering as Lord Buddha said.

Those who do bad Karma are sent here to suffer as punishment. More you live more you have to suffer. Humans are having good average age. It means overall suffering period is increasing. So statement ‘b’ is incorrect. Hence we conclude that humans’ life is for more suffering and those who are having much punishment period get human life.

2) Imagine a gardener who is having a good garden to look after. One day he sees that his beautiful garden is being destroyed by DEEMAK. All the trees and flowers are going to be destroyed due to this. He gets an idea and makes a spray to destroy these creatures who are taking away the beauty of his garden.

Similarly GOD is a gardener and we humans are like DEEMAK. We are destroying the beautiful garden of the nature by doing various pollutions. We are destroying green forests. We are establishing factories which are creating water and air pollution. Now GOD has to remove these creatures to stop destruction of His garden. So He is spraying His spray in the form of Earthquakes, Tsunami and various incurable diseases.

3) The importance and significance of 7 is still to be discovered. We must wonder how 7 relates to our lives and environment. Not only humans but also nature has selected 7 for creation of many things. We have got 7 days in a week. We have tradition of 7 rounds in a marriage according to Hindu religion. There are 7 stars in the “Saptrishi Mandal”. There are 7 colors in a rainbow. We have 7 colours in Rangoli also. We have 7 continents. Seven horses to pull Chariot of the Lord Surya. We have 7 lives according to Hindu religion. Story doesn’t end here. We have 7 wonders in the world. 7/10 part of the whole earth is water. We have 7 maulik adhikar. I always amaze why 7 !!!Mystery is unfolded at least for me.

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